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How to Dictate Agent Excellence

A prevailing narrative in our field is that there is no consensus standard or set of rules that can provide a clear and specific guide to offering what all would agree to be exceptional agent service and professionalism.

This is understandable as conversations would seem too chaotic and subjective in nature to organize into a standardized set of performance rules that if followed could effectively dictate that any agent will offer the highest standard of performance.

The good news is such a standard indeed exists, its rules are universally accepted, and they ensure any agent will offer the highest level of service and professionalism, no matter their skill level.

Here is how it works.

All agents operate under the same rules of the verbal-language playing field on which each performs.  Rules critical to service and professionalism number around 15-20 and are easy for any agent to learn.  Some agents naturally execute these but most do not.

If an agent follows these rules over the course of an entire conversation, their service and professionalism are ensured to be of the highest performance standard.  It is simple and straightforward, and as a trainee recently expressed to me, "...surprisingly easy to do.  I just needed someone to show me the way..." 

So if Judy's tone lacks warmth and caring, following these rules will put a stop to that.  If Frank sounds unsatisfactory, but it is difficult to pinpoint why this is, his adherence to these rules will solve that.  And if the goal is to connect on a more human level, these rules do that.

Such rules are under-recognized in the call center field because of a tendency to view performance standards through the prism of common monitoring tools like scripts, checklists, and analytics software, along with performance parameters like opening, warmth level, asked probing questions, etc.  Each lacks the measurement capabilities to include these rules, and this is why many managers and directors are unfamiliar with them.

To move call centers beyond the limits of common monitoring processes, BCI has created a new monitoring approach specifically designed to include these most pivotal rules of service and professionalism.  This proprietary system goes beyond the reach of traditional monitoring processes to far surpass their performance goals and expectations.  

Under the watch of the BCI training and performance management program, agents have little choice but to offer the highest standard of service, because we are able to hold them accountable for executing the many rules required to do so.  It is simple, straightforward, and surprisingly easy for any agent to do.  Be safe and thanks for reading.


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