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A current BCI client case study of how our program works.

A hospital network with 200 agents spread through 5 departments was concerned that, despite their best QA efforts, too many of their agents delivered subpar customer service to their patients, confirmed by their low CSAT scores.

They discontinued their internal QA program, including all training and coaching, and outsourced their training and performance management needs to BCI. 

Before getting started, BCI assured management that each of its 200 agents would soon deliver consistently excellent customer service, explaining that the program's design dictates this outcome, regardless of an agent's skill level.

The result was a consistent brand standard of excellence. This organization's CSAT scores quickly reached 98.5-99% every month, without exception. The survey company says these are the highest group scores they have ever seen.

A basic outline of how we do it.


BCI onboarded the 200 agents with 20 introductory training classes, two per day, over ten days. The classes, conducted via Microsoft Teams, were one hour long, with ten agents in each class, taking agents off the phones for only an hour.

BCI's proprietary training curriculum is presented in the class, teaching agents in great detail how to deliver the highest standard of courtesy and professionalism (customer service) at every moment of every call they handle daily.

BCI then listens to recordings of each agent interacting with patients regularly throughout each month to hold them accountable for following the detailed BCI class directives, understanding that if they do, excellence is guaranteed.

A BCI expert produces an ultra-thorough performance assessment for each interaction analyzed. This evaluation, score, and corresponding recording are made available to the agent as part of an ongoing training process.

BCI's proprietary performance assessment process goes far beyond the capability of traditional QA and AI-driven scoring.  Rather than a KPI, it is a KPD (Key Performance Determiner) that dictates performance to ensure excellence.

Group statistics are produced at the end of each month, and the process continues monthly. BCI has served this organization daily since 2017, and their CSAT group scores are 98.5%-99% every month without exception.

Management is required to do nothing in this process.  All new hires are onboarded at management’s convenience with a simple Teams invite and convenient one-hour class, and BCI handles all necessary coaching via Teams.

The unprecedented BCI training program allows any call center to implement an outsourced training solution that guarantees each agent within their group will deliver consistently flawless customer service (and protocol compliance) in a cost-effective, effortless, and convenient process. 

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