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BCI President, Trey Briggs

The groundbreaking BCI program provides a definitive solution to the challenge of ensuring that all agents within a group are consistently exceptional on the phone.  Our singular ability to transform underperforming and lesser-skilled agents into proficient professionals who consistently deliver flawless performance is key to the process. 

By outsourcing their day-to-day training and performance management needs to BCI, call centers can be sure that each agent will deliver only the highest level of service, professionalism, and tone, creating an elite brand standard of customer/patient experience excellence.

The BCI program is ideally suited for today's work-from-home environment, we are the industry's leading experts regarding de-escalation techniques, and we precisely manage internal protocol and compliance concerns.

BCI pairs an advanced training curriculum with a cutting-edge performance measurement process to go well beyond the scope and aspirations of traditional QA approaches or any digital AI product.  BCI stands alone as the call center industry's leading training experts.


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