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The Case for Making Sense

Claire called the Home Care and Hospice department at her local hospital on behalf of her brother who was sick, and she immediately said to the agent sternly, " establish professional credibility, I want you to know I am a registered nurse; a PHD - RN..."

The agent, Shanice, who was new and had displayed only average phone skills up to then, could easily have become flustered. Instead, she offered one of the more impressive performances I have recently heard (and it included no clinical information, because the clinically trained person was unavailable).

Every word, phrase and response Shanice utilized throughout the call was exceptional, and as Claire realized she was talking to a true professional, she expressed gratitude and nicely asked Shanice for her name.

This true story perfectly portrays the BCI approach to training. We teach trainees that if they integrate our directives into their conversations, people will respect them more, and their job will then become more manageable and less stressful. This is exactly what Shanice did.

The glue that holds this approach together is that it makes sense. It makes sense to the agent because when they do it, they hear it works over and over again. It makes sense to the person on the receiving end because they react to it positively every time.

And the reason it makes sense to everyone is that is undeniable. It is not opinion. It is called Professionalism, and it is clearly defined by a number of specific rules. BCI did not invent the rules of performing like a highly professional call center agent; we just know them, teach them, and hold agents accountable for executing them.

The prevailing narrative put forth by consultants, experts, and speech analytics software companies is that achieving patient experience excellence is a mysterious and elusive goal when the truth is the rules are clear and easy for any agent to master.

BCI trains agents to perform like highly skilled professionals, something they quickly learn to use for their benefit and the benefit of their employer. This ccommon-senseapproach is the definitive solution to the patient experience challenge.

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