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Training Starts at The Bottom

In regard to the customer or patient experience, the goal of training is not about getting agents to blow people's minds with unforgettable or memorable experiences. This is not what customers or patients call for.

Rather, training is about ensuring agents offer a highly professional experience, one that makes callers feel like, "These people are impressive, they are clearly competent, and it is obvious they value me."

The proven way to impress callers is by conveying competence and professionalism, and flowery proclamations of unforgettable experiences fall short. Customers want competence, not flowers.

The first step of this process is addressing the lowest-performing or problem agents. If a training program cannot bring those at the bottom to the top, which often requires knowing how to handle uncooperative agents, the program has then failed to fix the problem and cannot be considered a success.

Poor performers make lots of unprofessional verbal miscues that convey organizational incompetence. This is specifically what makes them poor performers.

Success is reached by eliminating such mistakes. For example, verbal miscues make a frustrated patient angry, while skilled handling of their frustration keeps them calm. When an organization is unsatisfied with an agent's phone performance, the underlying cause always boils down to large amounts of verbal mistakes and miscues.

Bringing each agent to an exceptional performance level starts with knowing beforehand where mistakes are commonly made, teaching agents how to do things the right way, and then monitoring to ensure they do. The process starts with the bottom performers.

Each BCI-trained call center is exceptional because we ensure agents perform in a highly professional manner that conveys the highest level of organizational competence. BCI is the premier training program in the call center industry.

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