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How to Train Lesser Skilled Agents

A training program is most about the lesser skilled agents within a group. Higher skilled agents always need some polish, but the true test of any program is its ability to bring the lesser skilled- those more introverted, less articulate or less motivated- to the top with the rest. Any training/QA program that cannot do this is failing the very purpose of training.

Such agents come in two basic categories: those who strongly resist serving others, and then the rest. The good news is those in category one are few and far between, and those in category two are always much more capable than was thought possible.

The BCI training approach is based on some basic principles proven to work exceptionally well with lesser skilled agents. This is what we teach them:

Offering exceptional service and professionalism requires no more effort than not offering it. It is empowering to possess the skills to deliver exceptional service. And doing so makes their job more manageable, less stressful, and it is great for their self-esteem.

It is our responsibility as their trainers to prove to agents these principles are not just theory or conviction but factual.

We do so by holding them accountable to executing specific directives whereby they hear and feel for themselves how customers/patients and their family members interact more respectfully toward them. Our trainees believe in our directives- the most detailed and demanding in the call center training field- because they realize it works for their benefit. My experience is agents respond well to guidance that is respectful and appeals to their intelligence.

The proven way to train lesser skilled agents is to show them how to be highly skilled. No one wants to remain ordinary when given a solution they can believe in that results in their being great at what they do.

Lesser skilled agents are those BCI most values. The challenge of resolving their issues has honed our skills as trainers, it allows us to show our clients the extent of our abilities, and helping them grow professionally continues to be the most rewarding part of what we do.


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