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The Accountability Factor

The role of behavior accountability is one of the more misunderstood and overlooked aspects of call center agent training. Rightfully associated with the monitoring process, there is often a disconnect as it relates to training.

When most think of training, they think of a trainer who visits the facility and conducts a class. Once the trainer leaves, the training is over. Call center managers are then left to monitor calls and offer coaching scores (not considered actual training) going forward.

The truth is the trainer only introduces their program in what is essentially an informative pep talk. Practically all teaching and training takes place in the monitoring process that follows the initial training. The monitoring process is the real training process because it is the only mechanism that can bring agent behavior to its intended fruition and keep it there. Monitoring is responsible for almost all training.

Monitoring's quality is entirely dependent on its ability to account for, measure, and direct agent behavior. And the quality of agent behavior is entirely determined (and often held back) by a training program's monitoring capabilities, which is to say its ability to train.

Scripting, checklists and speech analytics software are ineffective because their limited measurement capabilities hold agents accountable to only the most basic of behavioral direction. Accounting for what is required of offering an exceptional patient experience however requires measuring each situationally random and contextually complex moment that occurs arbitrarily throughout calls with patients and their family members.

The BCI training method teaches agents to thoroughly master the patient/customer experience. We prepare them how to approach every moment, every turn, and handle every situation they might encounter. Our dynamic monitoring/training system then holds them accountable to precise execution on a continuous basis.

And this is why BCI can confidently ensure each agent we train offers the highest quality experience daily. When it comes to our clients' agent performance, nothing less than exceptional is acceptable.

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