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The Kids Are Alright

Do today's young adults spend far too much time on their smartphones? Absolutely. Is it concerning their generation has yet to produce a decent rock band? I find it odd, yes. Is the man bun hairstyle ridiculous looking? Of course it is.

And does this generation possess the skills and mindset to be great call center agents? Yes, very much so. To quote The Who, The Kids are Alright.

As I train various groups of healthcare call center agents, I am pleased to find that today's young adults are by and large bright, affable, and willing to learn. And while the specifics of highly professional communication skills do not exactly top their interests, this group is very much willing and able to incorporate new ideas into their phone interactions with patients, as long as it appeals to their intelligence.

And when they put into practice direction they understand clearly makes them sound more professional, resulting in more respect and cooperation from patients, and in turn, making their job more manageable, they appreciate and embrace the guidance.

I have received emails from trainees expressing sincere thanks for verbal techniques that help them better navigate situations before quite stressful for them, and it is remarkable how a struggling agent can be transformed by specific verbal communication guidance.

Reading various articles in call center trade magazines, the subject of How to Motivate and Train the New Generation is a common topic. Solutions often include providing them with technology toys, appealing to their lifestyles, etc. but in my experience, the best solution is to simply help them become better at what they do because they see that as something of tangible value they can use for their immediate benefit.

And in that way, I would say today's generation is not so much different than those from the past. They just have dubious hairstyles, and they don't seem to know how to rock.

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