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A Patient Experience Sandwich

This is the story of Susan. Susan's first job was at a Subway Sandwich shop, and her initial training included how to operate the bread oven, microwave and cash register.

That was easy enough, but then she had to learn to make the sandwiches, and at first it appeared daunting, because the menu included 15 different sandwiches, each with different combinations of over 20 ingredients. That's a lot to learn.

To her pleasant surprise, Susan mastered it all within a few hours of training.

From that point forward, Susan could confidently make anything on the menu, never knowing what the next customer might order, because she had mastered each of the 15 menu items and their 20 different combinations of ingredients.

Then Susan heard of a job opportunity at a local call center so she gave it a shot, and her training began with learning company policies, navigating the software on her computer and preparing for commonly asked questions.

This was easy enough, but management then pointed out the importance of what they referred to as The Customer Experience, something she had never heard of before.

Thinking of her Subway training, Susan asked management to explain to her the specifics that define an excellent Customer Experience, as she was confident she could master them, just as she had mastered the 15 sandwiches and their different combinations of 20 ingredients.

Her supervisor said he could not provide an answer as to what specifically defined an excellent Customer Experience, leaving Susan unsure and a little uneasy entering her new job.

I offer this scenario to help illustrate some important points regarding the challenge of offering a consistently excellent Customer Experience on a daily basis:

  • The good news is that Customer Experience excellence is clearly defined by a well-established set of specific verbal components, similar in number to and as easy to master as the menu items at Subway.

  • The common narrative that achieving Customer Experience excellence is a gradual, unspecific, and difficult process has greatly overcomplicated something that is clear, simple, and easy to execute with proper guidance.

  • Agents crave competent CX guidance as it makes their job easier and less stressful, patients convey more respect toward them, and this leads to not only happier patients but higher agent morale and less turnover.

BCI has made achieving consistently excellent CX performance simple. We combine clear and specific training direction (strictly avoiding scripts) with a dynamic measurement and monitoring process (using no checklists or software) to produce a CX Training and Performance Management program ensured to produce consistent excellence daily, year-round.

Let us show you what the future of call center performance looks like.

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