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The Universal Standard

The formula for personal trainers is simple: put together a thorough list of proven exercises, monitor to make sure the client does them, and the result will always be the same- a client in top shape.

The BCI training and performance management formula is simple as well: present a complete set of proven service standards, monitor daily to make sure the agent follows them, and the result will always be the same- an agent who consistently delivers an exceptional experience.

I offer this analogy to address a certain narrative in our field which suggests that getting a group of call center staff members to offer a consistently excellent experience is a mysterious and elusive goal, largely because there exist no clear and proven standards to guide them to the goal.

But the truth is there does exist a clearly defined, universally accepted set of Five-Star level service standards for call centers, and the fundamentals that define this standard provide the clear and simple answer to the patient-service riddle so many are searching for.

Furthermore, any call center agent can be trained to execute this standard, no matter their skill level. They simply have to do their exercises by executing easy-to-learn fundamentals.

Consistently offering what anyone would consider to be an amazing experience is straightforward, uncomplicated, and readily achievable. The BCI program offers both the expertise and continuous follow-up work required to make it happen.

For 25 years, BCI has trained call centers throughout the US and the world. Our performance management program allows call centers to quickly achieve and maintain service excellence.

Like a daily personal trainer, BCI's elite-level workout begins with more than 20 core fundamentals of customer service (we strictly use no scripts, checklists, or software), ensuring each of our client's staff members offers a consistently strong and fit customer experience daily.

Now, let's get into shape!

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