Agent tone is the primary focus of the BCI program, and our FIT teaching and accountability method allows call centers to perfectly manage it.  


Call center agents come in all sorts of personalities and speaking styles.  Some are outgoing while others soft spoken; some talk fast and others more slowly.  Trying to change an agent's personality or talking style is an unrealistic and unnecessary approach.  

The proven solution is proper word choice and phone manners.  By holding agents accountable to executing only the most respectful, professional, and sincerely caring words and manners, BCI ensures every agent delivers only the most polite and service-focused tone, regardless of their personality or speaking style.

BCI understands that the rules of exceptional customer service, conveyed through skillful word choice and phone manners, not only ensure an excellent customer experience, they have a profoundly powerful effect on agent mindset, tone, and overall customer service performance.