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The Psychology of Thank You.

Patients are customers, and their reason for calling is often to give the hospital money. Whether it is to pay a bill, schedule an appointment or find a doctor, that call represents a purchase of the hospital’s product.

Considering this, it is surprising how often agents neglect to thank this paying customer at the conclusion of a call. Why is that?

One reason is that some agents don’t view patients as customers. Another is that some agents don’t view themselves as customer-service agents. Instead they feel their only role is to help the patient achieve a task; much like an order-taker. With that mindset, conveying sincere thanks and appreciation is not a priority.

This is why requiring agents to thank the patient at the end of every call is so important, as it makes them much more likely to realize (and have to accept) that their role is that of a customer-service agent, not just an order-taker. This then has a huge impact on their overall mindset going forward.

The reality is that some agents resist accepting the role of customer-service agent, and requiring them to thank the patient addresses that resistance in a simple yet powerful way.

The BCI performance management program addresses myriad subtleties such as this as part of a comprehensive, 5-Star level training solution. If your organization is interested in offering an exceptional level of customer-service every day of the year, let us show you what the future of healthcare call-center training looks like.

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