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Q&A with BCI President Trey Briggs as published in a call center industry magazine.

What makes BCI unique to the call center industry?

The BCI program ensures each agent within a group offers only perfect or near-perfect customer service throughout each call they handle daily, the first and only such product in the call center industry.  We achieved this by identifying the lexicon rules that define customer service.  We teach agents to master these rules and hold them accountable for executing them, resulting in flawless customer service.  Given any group of call center agents, BCI ensures each agent offers only the highest standard of customer service, and we keep them there for as long as our program is in place. 


What is your leadership's top priority?

We seek to raise the bar of expectations regarding training.  The prevailing narrative is that training is about so-called improvement or best practices, both weakly defined and expected to reach no specific target.  Instead, BCI has proven that immediate and sustained perfection is the only acceptable outcome.  We know, before getting started, precisely what must be done to ensure every agent within any group offers only the highest standard of customer service.  We do what has never been done before, and our biggest challenge is convincing a jaded and skeptical industry that it is possible. 


What is the most important thing you have learned from your customers?

Through the prolonged study of our clients' agents interacting with customers, we have learned precisely what makes customers happy.  We discovered that agents convey or fail to convey respect, politeness, and empathy in predictable and identifiable but primarily subtle and nuanced ways.  Understanding how this conversational nuance works, transferring that knowledge to agents, and holding them accountable for executing it is how we ensure they offer only exceptional customer service throughout each moment of each call they handle.

What is the top pain point your product fixes for your customers?

We conclusively resolve what is a significant headache for many call centers.  Our clients consistently rely on our product for several years because we resolve their issues once and for all in a no-nonsense manner they can count on. 

At a glance:

What do you do?  We teach agents the rules of exceptional customer service and professionalism and hold them accountable for executing them throughout each call they handle daily. 

Whom do you serve?  Organizations that are serious about customer service, many in the healthcare industry.


What additional features does your product include?  Our program requires little time or effort from managers, it is easy to implement for current staff and new hires, and our directives are easy for any agent to execute.


What do your customers love most about BCI?  The comments I hear are how easy we are to work with, how our product does exactly what we say it does, how cost-effective our program is, and how insightful our expertise is. 

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