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Some commonly asked questions.

Q) How would BCI bring on our new hires?   

A) The BCI program is presented in a live 60-minute introductory class that can be scheduled at any time.  The pivotal training then starts once agents are on the phones as BCI holds them accountable for executing the skills they learn in the class.  This introductory class approach makes it easy and convenient for management to onboard new hires. 

Q) What if an agent struggles to follow the BCI directives?  Such a high performance standard sounds demanding.

A) Complimentary coaching sessions with a BCI specialist can be scheduled at any time, but we have found that with proper guidance, the highest standard of service and professionalism is easy for any agent to execute.  Any agent can do it, no matter their skill level, and working with lesser-skilled or unmotivated agents is our specialty.

Q) We have several procedures and protocols that must be followed in each of our calls.  How does BCI handle that?

A) We add to our performance assessment process most any procedural or protocol compliance requests.  The BCI program is flexible and customizable, and we work closely with management each day to ensure any need is addressed.

Q) How can BCI avoid using scripts?  Aren't scripts sometimes essential? 

A) There are two types of scripting: those that try to make agents sound warm and nice, and those needed for protocol or procedural purposes.  We avoid scripts that try to make agents sound warm and friendly because they typically cause agents to sound robotic and impersonal.  As for scripting for protocol and procedural purposes, we understand their importance and hold agents accountable for executing them.

Please contact us with any further questions.


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