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Here are a few examples of what our clients have shared with us.


A BCI client recently invested in a post-call patient survey to verify the effectiveness of the BCI program.  The results of the first 11,479 surveys over twelve months were Overall Experience 97%, Agent Effort 98%, and Agent Courtesy and Professionalism 99%.  The survey company said these were the highest customer satisfaction scores of any survey they had ever conducted.


I never worry about how my team is talking on the phones.  BCI manages thpatient experience for us, so my managers can focus on other things like abandonment rate, handle time, and the rest.  - Call Center Director

The level of expertise in the BCI performance assessments is remarkable.  They are on top of every moment our representatives have with our customers, and the results are phenomenal.  - Call Center Director

After adopting the BCI program, our survey numbers went straight to the top, and complaints stopped.  - Call Center Director

BCI is always immediately available when we need them with questions, scheduling classes for new hires, coaching sessions, or anything else Imakes everything easy.  - Central Scheduling Manager

Reference contact information is provided upon request.  

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